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Abu Dhabi Premiere

Amen-Amen-Amen: A Story of Our Times premiered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), in front of some 80-guests.   Mariët Westermann, Vice Chancellor, NYUAD, offered substantial opening remarks that highlighted the importance of religious pluralism in the UAE, but also on campus since its students come from over 120 countries and speak over 115 languages, and in which Emiratis make up 19% of the student body, and the NYUAD faculty comes from more than 50 countries.

Following the screening, John Sexton, President Emeritus, NYU and Co-Founder of NYUAD, offered opening remarks about NYUAD and the film. Filmmaker Tom Gallagher joined John Sexton for a discussion about the film and then they took questions from the audience. Mariët Westermann concluded the event by thanking John and Tom and inviting the attendees to a reception that followed.

Abu Dhabi

Tel Aviv Premiere

Amen-Amen-Amen: A Story of Our Times premiered in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the Social Space at Kikar Atarim (Hamerhav Hachevrati) Atarim Square, just steps from the Mediterranean Sea, in front of some 80-guests. The event was organized by Rabbi Leor Sinai, Ariel Rodal-Spieler and Jean Candiotte, the Dubai location producer for the film. Special guests included Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem; Zippi Brand, an Emmy Award winning Filmmaker and Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo; and Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of the Emirates.

Zippi Brand offered welcoming remarks. Filmmaker Tom Gallagher joined Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Rabbi Sarna and Jean Candiotte afterwards for a discussion about the film moderated by Ariel Rodal-Spieler. The panel then took questions from the adience. Rabbi Sinai offered opening and closing remarks at the event.

Tel Aviv

London Premiere

On September 14, 2022, original members of the Jewish Community of the Emirates, now living back in London, held a screening of Amen-Amen-Amen:  A Story of Our Times, at the JW3, the only Jewish Community Center of its kind in the U.K.; a vibrant, cross-communal hub for Jewish arts, culture, family programming, social action, learning and much more.  Some 50 guests filled the theatre.

Simon Eder served as the host and Master of Ceremonies.  Following the film, original members of the Jewish Community of the Emirates, including Mia Fell, Sharon Eder, Ranna and Giacomo Arazi, and Michal and Martine Nates, along with Loubna Hadid, a location producer on the film, held a lively panel discussion about their experiences living in the UAE. 

Photos by Claire Jonas

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London Premier
UAE Embassy

UAE Embassy Discussion

On October 12, 2021, the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, hosted a panel discussion on Amen-
Amen-Amen, hosted by Dana Al Marashi, Head of Cultural Diplomacy. Ms. Al Marashi opened
the evening with her reflections on the importance of art in diplomacy and specifically about
the value of the documentary Amen-Amen-Amen, in reflecting religious pluralism in the UAE.

John Sexton, President Emeritus, New York University, and Co-Founder of NYU Abu Dhabi,
shared his reflections on the importance of ecumenism in his own life as a high school student,
and how he secured his doctoral degree in religion from Fordham University and later how the
Abu Dhabi campus came about during his time a president of NYU. Always captivating, John
mixed in funny stories along the way.


The panel discussion was moderated by Max Neuberger, Founder, Jewish Insider, and included
Tom Gallagher, creator, writer, director and producer of AmenTheFilm, Rabbi Yehuda Sarna,
Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of the Emirates, and Eli Epstein, businessman and
interfaith activist.

Amen UAE Embassy Event - 10.12.2021-87.jpg

Dubai 2020 World Expo

Amen-Amen-Amen premiered at the Dubai 2020 World Expo on November 15, 2021, in an
outdoor theatre event co-hosted by the U.S. and Israel Pavilions. Over 75 people sat on the lawn
and enjoyed the film, which was well-received.

Dubai 2020

UJA Federation of New York Event

The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Federation of New York hosted a panel discussion on
my documentary, Amen-Amen-Amen, including the showing of 3-video clips, on
December 15, 2021, which was well-received. It was a hybrid in-person/Zoom event.

Her Excellency Amna Binzaal Almheiri, Consul General of the UAE in New York City, gave
opening remarks. [Stringent COVID protocols were in place for the event.]

UJA Federation
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